Thursday, December 1


****get Sammys Gift Cards for super cheap right now
****buy your friend, family or lover some. right now. 
****$15 ONLY for 2- $10 Gift Cards & 1 Free Shake Card ($25 Value) 
****Available at each location. Just ask for it at the Register


Andrea said...

Any way to buy these from out of state??

Gary said...

Is the restaurant that puts slices of pies into your shakes? Are you guys still selling your gift cards for that unbelievable price? I need to get something for my brother, and I think something simple like this gift card would be really good. Plus, those shakes are freaking delicious.

Sam Schultz said...

gary and andrea. we have been selling gift cards by email or phone and mailing them out to people. we can also do a paypal purchase to

Let us know :) you can also email us at

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Sammys Food Menu 2009 -2010
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