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CHECK THESE OUT guys, and I am going to post a cool picture of me with some familiar friends at SAMMYS back on NEW YEARS EVE.....

Sammy’s Cafe
27 N. 100 West, Provo
Review: Your Heart Out review
Website: http://sammyscafe.blogspot.comFinally this week, Your Heart Out’s Courtney Buell continues the blog’s food reviews outside of SLC. This weeks review is of Sammy’s Cafe in Provo. Sammy’s is a burger and fries kinda place, but offers up the scarily sounding “pieshakes”. For those not in the know a pieshake is “essentially a shake that has an entire slice of pie blended into it” and according to Courtney is “Heaven in a Cup”. And on that quite frankly disturbing note, I bid you farewell and a great weekend!

Sammy's in Provo: great burgers and shakes
Downtown, just around the corner from the Marriott. I was in the area on business and took a chance on this little (~10 seats) joint. I had the bacon cheeseburger and a strawberry shake. Yum! A well-cooked burger topped to order, and a killer shake. I'm not sure if the shake tops my favorite (Mad Greek Restaurant in Baker) but it's very close. I also had a sample of a colleague's banana pie shake (they put real pie slices in there), which was quite good though banana isn't my usual flavor.

The hip burger joint Sammy’s Café, located at 27 N. 100 W., offers an alternative to the mellow coffee shop atmosphere of Pennyroyal.

With a modernized 50s-malt-shop feel, Sammy’s beckons Utah Valley’s young people. Large blue swirls creep around the front and sides of the white building, placing it in stark contrast with the drab brick structure next door. Inside, bright intricately painted wooden letters on a silver and blue mural backdrop form the name of the establishment.

Hand-crafted scripture cases hang in the upper left corner with a “For Sale” sign placed in front and Polaroids signed by recent customers coat the entire north wall.

In the same swirling blue theme as the outside design, a space above the door reads “Everything is made with love.”

One of Sammy’s main selling points is the pie shake. According to Sam Schultz, the owner of Sammy’s Café, the idea for pie shakes — milkshakes with actual slices of pie blended in — came from the banana crème pie shake at Sonic. Schultz said he was frustrated because Sonic never included real pie in the shake.

But Sammy’s has other appeals as well.

“It’s got a cool vibe,” Schultz said. “People feel comfortable here. It's a middle point."

Tessa Nokleby, 21, a UVU student from Seattle and a patron of Sammy’s Café agrees.

“Sammy’s is super hip. It definitely attracts a younger crowd,” Nokleby said.


Sammys Beverage Menu

Sammys Beverage Menu
Designed by Colt Bowden

Sammys Food Menu 2009 -2010

Sammys Food Menu 2009 -2010
Designed by Colt Bowden