Tuesday, August 12

The Very Most and Spondee August 23

The Very Most and Spondee will be performing at sammy's prior to their live performance with Canoe at gallery 110 on Saturday August 23 2008. They will each play 45 minute set's at sammy's for free, which is a grand opportunity, so don't miss out!
August 23rd 5:30-7pm @ sammy's

Artwork courtesy of Rory Bruggeman, BYU's finest..


Christy said...

Oh ya!!!! I'm so glad Sam has a blog. Will sam be able to seee our comments? Or is it all Colt? Cuz I want him to see some of our comments! :) I'm so excited!

sammy said...

Ill see them baby. this is sam

Angie said...

mmm... so yummy :)

cJb said...

Yeah!!! I am so excited for everyone who gets to see these guys, so bummed not to be there, but hope to be there in spirit.

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